Midsize Truck Off-Road Challenge

September 2019
Great coverage participation from all in attendance and great value for the coverage. Felt very prepared throughout the entire process – well-organized from start to finish. Thought it was a wonderful event! Look forward to the next one.
Kyle SubaChevrolet
Trail Ride was really good – the venue was nice, had a lot of variety of terrain and challenge. Good communication – I was informed and ready. Great group of journalists and the size was just perfect.
Jeff ZurschmeidePortland Tribune

Overland Expo East

October 2019
I am impressed with your organizing skills. Smart to meet with Honda and BFG. Nice complementary group. Good trail location on the way to Overland Expo and great scenery. Excellent job, especially as a one-man band in the field.
Sue MeadFreelance
It was a fun event to attend. Very intimate with vehicle to media ratios. Welcome bag was super fun (thank you!). Site, rooftop tents and gathering space was great, too. It was a well-prepared event. Very detailed, lots of work went into it to pull it off.
Mercedes LilienthalTread Magazine
Glad you were able to bring your group out to our exhibit and the Baja qualifiers. Thanks so much for including us in this. You put on a great event and we appreciate being a part of it.
Phil WatsonBFGoodrich Tires
Great event format and good mix of people from varied publications. Everyone got along well, and I like the size of the group too, so everyone gets to know everyone else.
Paul StraussThe Awesomer
Great job with the group of media, nice variety of outlets and reach. I really liked the concept as well as the branding. This was a fun event that took a different and valuable approach.
Corey ProffittToyota
Awesome event. Very well done. The amount of preparation and thought that went into this made it seem like it was put together by a team of 10 people.
Hansen LukmanShifting Lanes

Detroit Gambler 500

May 2019

Philip Van der Vossen

Event Host

Karla Van der Vossen

Event Coordinator