Left Lane News : Compact Crossovers Tackle the Trail Trek Tour

Article by Byron Hurd and republished from LeftLaneNews.com

From the moment the term “crossover” was coined to describe the “cute ‘utes” that fall somewhere between conventional cars and SUVs, they’ve been scorned by those who embraced those conventions. Lacking both the ruggedness and capability of a body-on-frame SUV and the hunkered-down handling and style of sedans and hatchbacks, crossovers fought an uphill battle against prevailing automotive wisdom to become the marketplace staples they are today.

Purists still tend to eye them with disdain, but are these soft-roaders as impotent off-road as some think, or are they perhaps more capable than we tend to give them credit for? Enter the Trail Trek Tour‘s Compact Crossover Off-Road Challenge–the first-of-its-kind event established to test that hypothesis. It was organized by media, for media, with a judging pool made up of diverse voices and perspectives. Seven outlets were represented, seven crossovers were wrangled. We set off for Woodstock, Virginia, to see how much trouble we could get into (and out of) with our charges. If it sounds like fun, well, that’s because it was. Sometimes, this job is pretty cool.

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