Off-Road Family Fun Run

September 12th, 2020

On September 12, 2020, automotive media and their families gathered in George Washington National Forest for some socially distanced off-roading fun! Trail Trek Tour led a group of 9 Vehicles, 29 People, and 1 dog on two trail rides, Taskers Gap and Peters Mill Run. This was a casual, unsponsored event, however many of the media present still shared their experience on the hashtag #TrailTrekTour and posted coverage to their websites and channels. 

Media Attendees

Chris Stewart


Kimatni Rawlins

Automotive Rhythms

Brian Armstead

The Detroit Bureau

Fadra Nally

All Things Fadra

Crystal Lewis


Randi Payton

Decisive Media

Micheal Parris


Leon Brittain

Throttle Life

Philip Van der Vossen


Family Photos

Event Photos


  • FR 374, Edinburg Gap Rd, Virginia
  • (443) 226-3558