Compact Crossover Off-Road Challenge

On June 21, 2018, hand-selected automotive media gathered in Woodstock, VA to pit sponsor-provided Compact Crossovers against each other in an off-road challenge. Over the course of five hours on two trail rides, media judges switched vehicles every half hour and shared their experience on the hashtag, #TrailTrekTour. After a full day of trail rides in George Washington National Forest, each media judge ranked their favorite compact crossovers. The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk was named winner of the Compact Crossover Off-Road Challenge, and each media judge then shared their individual rankings and the overall winner with their audience.

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Great job with the group of media, nice variety of outlets and reach. I really liked the concept as well as the branding. This was a fun event that took a different and valuable approach.
Corey ProffittToyota
Awesome event. Very well done. The amount of preparation and thought that went into this made it seem like it was put together by a team of 10 people.
Hansen LukmanShifting Lanes
Great trails, good variety of challenges. Good and regular communication, impressive especially for a first event. Quite fun and good content, nice work!
Will ByrdRight Foot Down
Loved the location. Very scenic. Good enough trail variety. Driving in, having the flexibility to do photo/video on my own, etc., was great.
Byron HurdLeft Lane News

Media Judges

Alex Dykes

Alex on Autos

Sofyan Bey

Redline Reviews

Hansen Lukman

Shifting Lanes

Paul Strauss

The Awesomer & 95 Octane

Byron Hurd

Left Lane News

Philip Van der Vossen



  • Woodstock, VA
  • (443) 226-3558

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